What Our Clients Are Saying...

"The Auto-Scheduler is like having another staff member... thanks again for a great enhancement to our e-Quantum system and we look forward to its further possibilities."

-Paul Fisher, CFO,

"We immediately started implementing new procedures to better utilize e-Quantum and thus have more control over our cash flow, especially when it comes to inventory and commissions. I appreciate the opportunity the conference provides for us to talk one on one with the e-Quantum staff about specific concerns. 99.9% of time you were able to show us how e-Quantum already had software to address these concerns or that the software was pending on the next release.

The fact that everyone on e-Quantum's staff not only listens to what we need, but actually takes notes, then follows up by looking at ways to implement our requests, makes me confident our clients will continue to see our company as a "leader" in offering integrated technologies for printing, promotional and document management."

-K.C. Barrett
Morel Ink

"I'll never forget the meeting that Brook arranged. We had listened to all of the software presentations/stuff and you and I were chatting while waiting for a cab or something. You were describing your work with the Reno schools. I kept thinking that this is a guy who walks the walk and thinks like I do.

Bottom line is we made our decision based on the "Man" - not the product. Ross, we have never regretted that decision. You have been such a dynamic part of our business for 10 years and a dear friend at the same time.

We love you to death and e-Quantum rocks!"

-Judy Coovert
Printcom, Inc.

"The Digital Manager is a great enhancement and complement to our existing technology and suite of solutions that e-Quantum has for us to offer our clients. We have showed 10 clients already and all of them are excited about the program and its functionality."

-Bob Penn
Prime Business Solutions