Q-Design Variable Print Module

Q-Design is designed to meet the marketing communication needs of your clients. With very little time or effort documents can be created based on your customer information. Your clients maintain complete centralized control of the process, thus ensuring message consistency, brand integrity and the ability to customize targeted marketing campaigns for a local area. Documents created in Q-Design integrate with your e-Quantum back office system allowing the flexibility to distribute print-ready PDF artwork to the vendor of your choice.
  • Offer your clients the latest technology for web-to-print, variable printing and direct mail marketing.
  • Customize your clients' messages and graphics to their target audience.
  • Help your client achieve higher response rates and increased profits.
  • Create opportunities for improved marketing campaigns.
  • Create state-of-the-art designs with the latest tools in graphics arts.
  • Reduce potential errors by having addresses and names pre-load, so users can choose from a menu rather than keying in data.
  • Route orders through purchasing for manager approval, ensuring complete client control.
  • View actual print-quality proofs instantly. Since these are the production-ready files, there is no need to fax proofs back and forth, thus eliminating errors.

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