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This online module is designed to provide target marketing and help your consultants and CSR's manage your clients & prospects. You'll have easy accessibility for all users with Internet access, along with the in-depth security you've come to expect from e-Quantum. Learn key features like,
  • Creating selective marketing lists,
  • Creating activities and updating history records,
  • View recent RFQ's, PO's and Quotes,
  • Email and calendar functionality and much more.
This new module will become the focal point of your company's customer relations and target marketing strategies.

The e-Quantum Auto Scheduler allows you to automate recurring tasks such as Quantum Net imports/exports, time sensitive reports, repetitive reports or time-consuming tasks.
  • Automate Processes
  • Remove Expense of Printing & Distributing Reports
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Increase Network Performance
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The Doc-Q-Manage module provides the ability to scan images and store documents needed by your distributorship and conveniently index these images to the associated documents. The Doc-Q-Manage is an electronic file cabinet providing greater efficiency and productivity for your company.

ROI Calculator - Use our handy ROI calculator to get an idea of how much you can cut monthly costs by transitioning from physical document management to a software-based document management system like Doc-Q-Manage.

Batch PDF
With this incredible tool, you can create Batch PDF emails for RFQ's, Quotes, PO's, Invoices, Re-order Notices, AR Statements plus other documents. Send them in batches and let e-Quantum create each recipient's copy. Invoices emails can be sent to Ship-to's, Bill-to's, Qnet users and other recipients. Send yourself a copy, request a return receipt and customize your subject lines.

Shipping Interfaces
Interfaces to leading shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx allow you to import all your shipping information into your e-Quantum system eliminating the need to re-key information and reducing the chance of input errors. Tracking numbers, shipping dates and costs are automatically updated on your Purchase Orders or Warehouse Releases. Additionally, your clients will have a one-click tracking link on their Quantum Net ordering site. Information such as cost center locations can also be sent directly into you UPS or FedEx system, eliminating the need to re-key address information or maintain two different address databases.

Credit Card
EVO Payments International, LLC is the preferred supplier of Merchant and Electronic Payment Services for e-Quantum software. EVO Payments International, LLC's exclusive pricing for e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company customers can help you achieve significant cost savings on your credit card processing. With EVO Payments International, LLC's fully integrated platform, credit and debit transactions flow immediately into your e-Quantum system eliminating the need to re-key credit card transactions at the end of the day. All credit card storage and processing in e-Quantum and Quantum Net are certified as PCI compliant.

Call EVO Payments International, LLC at 877-775-6900 to learn about exclusive pricing for e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company customers or if you would like them to prepare a free pricing analysis to show you potential savings.

Sales Tax Import
The Sales Tax Import provides you with an easy and "streamlined" method of automatically updating your sales tax codes, rules and the applicable client ship to's by allowing you to import sales tax tables and rates. Currently the Sales Tax Import is programmed for Washington State, Tax Data Systems, and CCH (CorpSystem™ ZipSales Database).

Ready-Made Marketing Materials: Qmercials
The e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company Marketing department has made videos for your company's marketing efforts. These videos are branded with your company logo, colors and information. All of the videos were produced with professional voice talent and studio mixing. You can preview them all here: www.e-quantum.com/qmercial

Analytic Dashboard
Key decision makers need to understand your company's performance. Just like your car's dashboard shows you important information, you need the same quick access to vital e-Quantum data. The Dashboards help you easily monitor and measure business performance without having to wade through a variety of reports. This allows you to make quicker, better informed decisions by highlighting business issues and opportunities in a real time understandable format.

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Auto Ship-To Import
The Ship-To Import program provides you with a streamlined method of adding ship to/cost centers to your clients by importing them from a spreadsheet.

Digital Manager
The Online Digital Manager is a time-saving hosted software solution designed to manage, organize and distribute digital media. This solution allows your clients to spend more time building their brand instead of searching for files.
  • Web-based, central repository allowing quick access to digital files from anywhere
  • Find all files according to a variety of criteria
  • Easy previews and thumbnails for many common file formats.
  • Consistent brand integrity
  • Access for internal and external affiliates to utilize digital assets
  • Faster distribution of updated and approved digital assets
  • Effective management with rights and restrictions based on the assignment of roles
  • Brands seamlessly with your existing web applications
  • Fast, simple sharing of files.
  • Supports virtually every file type
"The Digital Manager is a great enhancement and complement to our existing technology and suite of solutions that e-Quantum has for us to offer our clients. We have showed 10 clients already and all of them are excited about the program and its functionality."
--Bob Penn, Prime Business Solutions

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Report Export Manager
The Report Export Manager (REM) allows data to be exported from various reports in multiple formats. The data can be saved to the REM and accessed at a later date providing analysis and statistical information in a way readily understood by clients or management. In addition, these reports can be sent using e-Quantum's Batch PDF feature as well as scheduled using the Auto-Scheduler.

There are 15 different formats that reports can be exported into as well as numerous reports that can be saved to the REM and viewed or deleted.
  • A/P Invoice Expense Report
  • Aged A/R Report
  • Client Profile Report
  • Consultant History Report
  • Inventory Analysis-Cost
  • Inventory Checklist
  • Inventory Pre-post Report
  • Item Audit Report
  • RFQ Follow-up Report
  • Reprint Tax Report
  • Summary Sales Analysis
  • Transaction Journal-Sell
  • Active Purchase
  • Back Order Status Report
  • Commission Report
  • General Ledger Report
  • Inventory Analysis-Sell
  • Inventory Management Report
  • Invoice Register
  • Product Category Detail
  • Reprint Commission Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Transaction Journal-Cost
  • Work-in-Progress Report

XML Integration - Electronic Documents
XML integration allows the sending and receiving of documents from "system to system". This means that these documents do not need to be opened or rekeyed into either you or your vendor's systems.

XML Purchase Order - The PO is transmitted from your e-Quantum system directly into your Vendor's production system. This reduces the need for the PO to be entered into your vendor's production software. This saves time and eliminates the possibility of keystroke errors.

XML Order Acknowledgement - This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This document lets you know that they vendors server has successfully received the electronic order.

XML Shipping Notification - This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This documents updates your e-Quantum PO or Release (in some cases) with the ship date and tracking number.

XML Vendor Invoice - This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This vendor invoice is automatically imported and expensed against the original PO and the vendor invoice is created in AP.

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