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SanMar Punchout
Our Sanmar interface will streamline your apparel orders. Not only will you be able to avoid re-keying orders, but your clients will be able to upload their logos and see virtual proofs and order all their products from the same shopping cart.

SAGE Punchout
Our interface between Quantum Net and SAGE, the industry's leading promotional products research and marketing solution is a powerful tool. Your clients can search for promotional products on SAGE and automatically place these items in Quantum Net's shopping cart. SAGE's promotional product search engine and webstore makes selling ad specialty items a breeze.

MicrLink Punchout
MicrLink, is a product of General Financial Supply®, a division of Ennis, Inc. They offer quality, dependable, solutions for the financial and security document market. Their team of experts is continually working to solve the challenges our clients face in the ever-changing world of secure information exchange and transaction processing.

The MicrLink online ordering system offers real-time ordering and proofing of security documents and is integrated directly into your Quantum Net shopping cart.

GoldMine Premium Interface
GoldMine Premium Edition enables you to effectively manage every facet of your business relationships. This makes it an ideal CRM partner for interfacing with your e-Quantum software.

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Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft: Procurement Punchouts
Quantum Net Procurement Punchouts enable buyers to use their own procurement applications (such as Ariba Buyer, Oracle or PeopleSoft) to rapidly access the product and service content on distributor's Quantum Net sites. Depending on how suppliers implement their pages, buyers can browse product options, configure goods for purchase, and select delivery methods. Quantum Procurement Punchouts route quotes for items or services through the procurement application's established requisition and approval processes and send the resulting purchase order back to the distributor for order fulfillment. After the order is fulfilled an invoice is sent back directly into the client's procurement software, completing the procurement cycle.

Introducing Q-Power, a program that allows you to tap into the entire e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company client base to leverage your buying resources. Translation: more choices, lower prices, and additional discounts. All designed to enhance your bottom line. For more information, please contact: 866-365-QPWR (866-365-7797)

BCT Punchout
BCT templates can also be integrated with your client's custom catalog. That means easy ordering for your client and no re-keying of data.

Ennis Punchout
Our Ennis-Punchout Interface provides your clients with the ability to order forms from Ennis through your website. Orders placed through the interface are imported into e-Quantum, generated and transmitted to Ennis via EDI.

DataWidget enables your users to buy targeted direct mailing lists. Real time counts and list previewing in the browser; the perfect list prospecting tool. And because it is integrated into Quantum Net and Q-Design programs, it is simple to use. The best news...DataWidget is free to sell, with no contracts and no commitments.

Simple Setup
With a few clicks, you can add a button to your Q-Design templates allowing your client to access the DataWidget interface without ever leaving your site! The integration with Quantum Net assures clients remain in your site where transactions are processed and imported into e-Quantum. DataWidget is fully integrated with Q-Design and Quantum Net making it an effortless process with great return.

Robust Mailing List Options To Meet Client Needs
Your clients determine where they want records extracted from and what criteria they want those records to meet! Once selections are made, users add the mailing list to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout where a confirmation is generated showing the number of records purchased and total price for the records. Your clients will love the usability and flexibility of the DataWidget.

Graphic Dimensions Punchout
Our Graphic Dimensions interface is the most advanced and intuitive Quantum Net punch-out portal to-date. Your customers can now proof their software compatible items, as well as eliminate the need for MICR Spec Sheets by validating MICR entry INSTANTLY online!

Not only will you be able to avoid re-keying orders, but your clients will be able to configure and design their checks with ease and order all of their products from the same shopping cart.

Snowman Group Punchout
Quantum Net's Snowman Group's Punchout Interface provides your clients with the ability to order Engineer and Architect Stamps, Notary Seals and Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Name Plates and Signs and other related products. Orders placed through the interface are imported into e-Quantum, generated and transmitted to the Snowman Group.

Essendant & S.P. Richards
e-Quantum interfaces with Essendant and S.P. Richards for office supplies and is Essendant SmartSearch approved! Your source for over 30,000 business products to be offered on your Quantum Net or retail sites. Below you will see a list of features available within these integrated office supply catalogs:
  • Type Ahead Functionality
  • Featured Products
  • Item Indicators
  • Selling Points
  • Search Filters
  • Essendant - Ability to set up Contract Pricing which will have a separate feature selection as well as an item indicator icon on the item.
  • And more!

MICR Express Punchout
MICR Express specializes in MICR and Check 21 compliant documents that facilitate the movement of funds to and throughout financial institutions. MICR Express's print-on-demand process combines pre-printed forms composition with variable data for easy forms creation. They offer standardization of forms and processes to assure operational efficiency. Their experienced customer service staff and dedicated account executive is there to help you find the best solution for your client.

Product Selections:

• Cash Tickets
• General Ledger
• Counter Documents
• Process Control Documents
• Notices
• Teller Receipts
• Official Checks
• Deposit Tickets
• Holiday Products

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