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Quantum Net   Our e-commerce solution
Since its creation in 2000, Quantum Net has been a leader in e-commerce for our industry. Our clients choose Q-Net e-Commerce software for good reason. They recognize the ability of Quantum Net to grow and diversify their distributorship.

Quantum Net offers an integrated e-commerce platform for electronic ordering, client catalogs, credit card purchases, custom imprint templates and sale of print, ad specialty, office supplies and computer consumable products.

But, the best news is that Quantum Net transactions have been growing dramatically every month - proof that e-commerce is vital to the future of every distributor.

Q-Store   Web-based retail store
The company store is a click away with Q-Store, an e-commerce advantage that presents you with the ability to offer retail website catalogs, promotional products sales and fulfillment, and online credit card processing. It's the ideal business-to-consumer system, eliminating the need for having to set up shoppers in your system prior to visiting your site. Q-Store allows you to leverage the power of the Internet to acquire new customers who can browse products and securely place online orders. In addition, Q-Store is powerful and easy to set up.

Q-Design   Variable Print Module

Q-Design is designed to meet the marketing communication needs of your clients. With very little time or effort documents can be created based on your customer information. Your clients maintain complete centralized control of the process, thus ensuring message consistency, brand integrity and the ability to customize targeted marketing campaigns for a local area. Documents created in Q-Design integrate with your e-Quantum back office system allowing the flexibility to distribute print-ready PDF artwork to the vendor of your choice.

e-Store Mobile
e-Store Mobile won the Print Solutions Grand PEAK award for 2013 in the Innovation Spotlight: Small Business Application category.

Mobile devices have changed the lifestyle and purchasing decisions of many consumers requiring Distributors to adapt. To assist Distributors with the mobile craze, e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company has developed e-Store Mobile for its e-commerce solutions. e-Store Mobile provides Distributors with a comprehensive, secure mobile commerce strategy enabling customers to shop online from a mobile device.

Key features include simple order processing, catalog browsing and advanced search capabilities along with the following:
• Ability to reach consumers anytime, anywhere.
• A simple checkbox selection in the Distributor's setup activates the optimized version to work with mobile browser
• Customized layouts to match the look and feel of the client's online store.
• User friendly site for easy navigation.
• All written on the same platform for complete integration, transparency and work flow.

Creative Web Services   e-Commerce Graphics & Web Services
e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company has a custom graphics department to bring you design and creative services. Our graphics team is trained on the latest Quantum Net enhancements and developments. Keep all your graphic needs on the cutting edge by utilizing the e-Quantum, a DemandBridge Company Graphics Department. Email graphics@e-quantum.com for a quote on any project.

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